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 +====== ThePete'​s 3 Rules of Arguing on the Internet ======
 +  - don't argue on the Internet
 +  - don't argue on the Internet--ESPECIALLY NOT ON TWITTER OR FACEBOOK.
 +  - if you absolutely can't resist saying something to someone you completely disagree with, **//make your point//** (don't just hit-and-run) and if they don't agree with you, MOVE ON.  If you don't, you're most likely just going to repeat yourself which will get you nowhere. And you're not about to be swayed either or else why did you feel so strongly about voicing your opinion in the first place?​\\ ​
 +Violate these rules and it could leave to having [[callingdouchery|douchery called on you]] and nobody wants that.\\ ​
 +It's so much easier when you just follow rules 1 and 2.
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