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So, the “Fourth” was definitely “with Me” on May the Fourth, 2015 (aka Star Wars Day), when I participated in Verizon Wireless's #CaptureTheDroid contest/scavenger hunt. The basic gist was this:

1) follow Verizon Wireless on Twitter.

2) keep an eye out for “clues” as to where 3 Jawas and R2-D2 are in NYC.

3) follow the clues, find R2 and the Jawas, and say the secret pass phrase.

4) win a trip to San Diego Comic Con 2015 and a Droid Turbo smartphone.

Simple enough, right? The reality was more like this:

1) woke up a little sick that Monday morning.

2) checked my tweets while still in bed and somehow stumbled across the contest's first tweet with the Jawas and R2 beneath the standard hotel above the Highline.

3) Was thinking that my wife was in that area at that very moment, so I texted her to stop by the Highline and to look for R2.

4) Wife tells me she's willing to look for R2 and encouraged me to join her.  “Who knows? We might win” seemed like her attitude. Plus it was the first beautiful day of 2015.

On my way to the subway.5) Got up, showered, dressed, and was about to leave when:

6) Verizon Wireless tweeted again, with a new image, this one of the Flat Iron Building.

7) Got on the subway and made it to a platform halfway there and saw another tweet from Verizon Wireless–there was no new picture, but a tweet about Jawas being spotted around Union Square.

8) Texted my wife and we agreed to meet in Union Square.

9) We met in Union Square, wandered around for almost an hour, then decided to get a Subway sandwich a half-block away from Union Square.

10) A quarter of the way through my sandwich, my wife saw another tweet from Verizon with a photo of R2 and the Jawas atop a flight of stairs leading to the subway trains. I recognized the stairwell, grabbed my sandwich and raced out the door.

11) I go to the stairwell. No sign of R2 or the Jawas.

12) I go to another stairwell that resembles the first. Still no sign.

13) On my way back to the first set of steps, my wife texts, saying she is going to join me.

14) She manages to find R2 and the Jawas' handlers before R2 and the Jawas made their official appearance (along with a couple other folks).  So, she just hung with them until R2 showed up.

And then this happened #ThroughGlass:

The Verizon Wireless tweet that referred to me! (Too bad they couldn't @ reply me.)

So, about a week later, I was contacted and, within another day, had two plane tickets to San Diego and reservations at the Dana hotel. SDCC passes would be waiting for me at the convention center and my Droid Turbo smartphone would be sent out to me within 3-4 weeks.

And by April 15, 2016, I'll owed roughly $680 to Uncle Sam.

But hey, I captured the droid!!

So, there's that. :)

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