My name is Pete. I am an extreme guy who believes in moderation... and other things.

I am a:

  1. cartoonist (see:
  2. puppeteer (see:
  3. gadgeteer (The XO laptop, the Pebble smartwatch, Google Glass, Google Cardboard, I'm a bit of an early-adopter.)
  4. amateur hacker (not the criminal kind)
  5. Japanophile (studied Japanese at Japan Society in NYC, but have never visited the country)
  6. scifi fan (answers to your questions: Empire Strikes Back, Han shot first, Kirk (OG), Spider-Man, Watchmen (comic), Ghost in the Shell (anime/manga), Rocket Raccoon is my spirit guide)
  7. futurist (well, I try to be with my fiction writing)
  8. citizen of the world (I do my best to get along with everyone, assuming they're returning the favor.)

I live in NYC but often find myself elsewhere (even if it's only my imagination). I am married to a smart, incredibly talented person whom I have called my best friend for over 15 years.

To contact me publicly:

follow me* on one of my favorite social networks:

*remember to check out my FollowPolicy before expecting me to follow back. Thanks so much for reading!

To contact me privately/securely:

Install Wickr on your computer or mobile device. Create an account, skip the “let your friends find you” section (just click “next”) and then tap the magnifying glass next to “Friends” in the upper left hand corner to do a search for “thepete” on Wickr. Or meet me in meatspace and just chat with me.

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